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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The light of my life

Have u ever, on returning home after months of absence, been greeted by a dog who on sight of you loses complete control of his tail, whose eyes twinkle with oh such selfless love that makes you wonder whether your own feelings for anyone could be so unselfish, whose body rocks with a fervor and gay abandon that put your own dull enthusiasms to shame….. that my friend, is love.
This one’s straight frm the heart (as if the rest were from the intestines!) , and I have been wanting to write abt it for long, about my dog, coz there’s noone who makes our family happier than dear old Hector .

For all those who have figured out that his name’s Hector, my my , arent we all Einsteins! Lol, naah, as far as i can remember we almost never refer to him by his “legal” name; the names change faster than the clothes of a heroine in a bollywood number. Last time I went home, mum was calling him Shamsher Singh (most common name given to hindi movie villains), and just for variety, we'd interperse that with 'Durjan Singh'. Why anyone would name a cute looking spaniel (He's probably a foot in height and sneezing is the most violent activity in his regular day, especially when i tickle his nose) as 'Durjan' is beyond logic, but noone ever credited the Narayanan family with much logic anyway ;) At other times, we have also called him 'gullu singh' , 'sunday singh', 'Bow Bow Singh' (the most innovative and un-doggy name ever!)And yes, he's always a Singh. Oh the worst’s yet to come. Its when when my dad suddenly remembers that he’s mallu (I mean dad, not the originally british and now a remixed pseudo Punjabi cocker spaniel) and during those rare, profound moment, you can hear a deep voice from the bedroom calling for “Ramakutty” to come have a biscuit!!!

Ramakutty has no pride in his roots, and will scoot full speed to his daddy dear for biscuit, crumbs, even a whiff of food.

As i type these words, I go back into time when lil Bow Bow Singh first came to our house. It was a cold February morning, and most people were snuggling under their warm blankets. A car screeched to a halt, in a cosy little Noida street, and I scampered out to greet the arrivals. A cute little furball was nestled in amma's arms. I bent forward and kissed what i thought was the furball's forhead. I still do. Everyday.

One day prior to that event, Dad had insisted, that it shouldnt enter the house n should only sleep in the verandah. That night, Hecky slept in my room, and next day onwards, on dad’s pillow. He still sleeps there every night.

Have you all seen Shrek? In part 2, there's this cat, Puss, who makes these adorably innocent expressions, blinking with an intensity that would make the coldest hearts melt in a jiffy. I think it would do the makers good if they used Shamsher as a model for portraying innocence. He, like all other doggies, would look at you with his incredibly big brown eyes, whenever you have something nice to eat, and as hard as you may try, you'd relent and share the food with him. (Yep, its Hecs who taught me the art of blinking, though i dont use it for food.. err i use it when i talk to girls abt …mmm “intellectual global issues”)

For all the men out there, who are as shy to approach women as I am (Heh heh, yeah right!), lemme tell you that the surest way to let the girl whom you have been dying to speak to for the whole of the last decade, open a conversation, is to walk non chalantly towards her direction, golden white spaniel in tow. You can also whistle a little tune to yourelf and look in random directions admiring everything except for her under the sun( My My, what a beautiful dumpster!)Statistics prove that I own fifty percent of my 'active' social life to my lil mutt. Every evening, in Noida, I would enthusiastically announce to amma that me and Hecky were going for a walk and master and mutt would shake their little posteriors and step into the world. Of adventure. Of excitement. Of girls my age and pooches his age. Of innocence. As we combed the colony that sheltered us, nine out of ten times as a girl passed us by, she'd stop in her tracks, look at Dumdum Singh, squeal "chooooo cuuuuute" and then ask me if he was friendly. Right on cue, Hecky would raise his paw and the girl would react as if he had just invented a nuclear reactor or a new sunscreen lotion! I would then proceed to tell her, in my deepest voice, about Hecs, about myself and by the end of the conversation i’d know her house address, her number, blood group blah. Afterwards when she’d leave, master & mutt would congratulate each other on their success. lol! Yep, we are like this only. :P

Not that Hecs didnt have his “fans”. Whenever his Majesty deigned to step out of the house, all the females of his species would start trotting behind him. And Mr Smarty pants would roll his eyes, turn up his nose, pout, n would walk away chin up (but obviously feeling all happy happy inside). Oh he was the stud of Sector 55 NOIDA, no doubt.

If anyone’s wondering, about Hecky's skills as a guard dog, on that topic, i have only one word for him -HOPELESS! Some years back, while i was away from home in college, some thieves broke into our house. They cut their way in through the window bars, went into all the rooms, and basically ransacked the house. The only room they din enter was my parent’s, who were fast asleep in their a.c room (obviously Hector was fast asleep too. Remember, dad’s pillow?). Anyway, the next day when the cops came, a lot of people were at our place, and dad had taken leave from office. Everyone wanted to know how the dog had reacted, and how come he didnt hear the thieves and bark.. guess what was Hector’s reaction.. That dunderhead wasnt in the least bit ashamed as you all probably think he would be. Instead he was really happy to see so many people, and delighted that dad hadnt gone to office, and while everyone was scolding him, he’d run upto them with his ball in his mouth asking them to play. Even otherwise, noone’s ever scared of him. He barks at the gardener, the milkman or any new person who’d come to our place, but as soon as they’d call him ‘Gullu” or pat him, he’d follow them as if he was their’s only. My mum insists that all the males in our family are a bit soft in the head. Hmm ..

I smile whenever i think of the fifty thousand cute, stupid things he’s probably done, feel a lot of pride whenever i get reminded of the incident when my cousin’s dog was licking my hand, and Hecs out of sheer jealousy jumped at that dog, though he’s probably one eight of that alsation’s size ; feel emotional when i think of all the happiness that he’s brought into our lives.

My dad’s not a very emotional person. Though he loves us a lot, like many other men, he doesnt show affection physically. I dont think i ever remember him hugging me or my sister, since we grew up, and I really dont seem to mind that coz I'm a bit like that myself. He’s a very serious,reserved, knowledgeable person (yeah like me! ;) )and not one who gives way to emotions. But you have to see him with Hector to know what i mean when i say that Hecs has brought so much happiness into our lives. As soon as my dad would return from office, and remove his shoes, Hector would run away with his socks and dad would chase him all over the house. The two of them would be scooting around the dining table, jumping on the sofas , running out into the garden, and finally their little game would finish when dad would get completely exhausted. During this entire act, me, mum and my sis would be just standing there, smiling, looking at the two of them and wondering how that mutt brings out the child in my dad. They play this game everyday after which dad gives him a piece of Brittania cake and claims that he’s the “best doggy” in the world. And if me or my sis dare to eat a slice of Brittania cake, dad would scold us and tell us that its for Hector!!!! Ye gads, someone take him to a doc! Even otherwise, when dad’s had a particularly tense day in office, or is terribly worried, he’d just go sit alone in his room and this fellow would go sit next to him. Dad would proceed to pat him, rub his ears, and magically, all the tension, worries, anxiety would just get absorbed by Hector. You may think im crazy, but try trusting me when i say that it really happens.

Well that’s all for now. I could go on n on, but then you all will start yawning. So for all the doggy lovers out there, a big thumbs up from my side, and for the rest , you just have to own a dog to understand what im talking about.

I'll leave you with this thought: "Every boy should have two things. A dog, and a mother, who will let him have one"


Venice said...

Awww,Hector is such a cute dog.... I'm sure he's melted a thousand hearts by his tender nature... wish I had a doggie like him now !!

kavya said...

lovved the post..esp the pic..hector looks so cute..really feel like meeting him...

neeraj said...


'Tender' is the word madamoiselle! The chump cant even scare away cats now. All his life he's been chasing cats, hoping that one day he'll finally catch one and do his esteemed ancestors proud. The other day, he again gave chase to one and wonder oh wonders, for the first time ever, managed to corner it down. We waited with bated breath to see his next move. I can swear that he looked bamboozled as to what to do next (in his defence he had never been in that situation). Guess what happened? The cat pounced, scratched his nose, and scampered away while the lil darling came whimpering to us. Yeaaaaaaaaaargh, talk about sissy dogs. That too, when he has such a brave master! What's the world come to!!!! ;)

neeraj said...


But you will Kabooms! You will meet him soon enough. And thanks for liking the pic, my heart just swelled with pride. And Hecky's tail just wagged a wee bit faster when i told him about your comment :P

Saloni said...

Blowing a huge kiss to hector. MUAH.

neeraj said...


I wish some of those 'huge kisses' were angled in a direction slightly a lil more to the left of the intended recipient {author standing up and ready to catch any kisses that fly in the direction described}. For years, the author has been playing second fiddle to lil Sunday Singh ... I remember those , the glorious spring of '01when i used to drive mum to the vegetable market. While she'd buy the aloos, I'd put Hecky's paws on the steering wheel and teach him how to be Schumacher! And then, all the girls would crowd around the car and go "choooooo chweeeeeeeeet, sooooo cuuuute!". Hector basked in all the adulation, but i have a feeling that the girls were indirectly trying to vie for my attention {audience yelling "Yeah right! Get a life, loser!} :(

Anonymous said...

Aww dude... thats some tribute ! My Johhny Bravo is a black Alsatian who generally answers only for food. And btw, he strictly allows only ladies to touch him. Any guy (except me) gets the bite :D

Johnny Bravo to Hector : Bow wow !!

neeraj said...


Dude, JohnnyBravo impresses me no end! I have always wanted that title you know, the 'only ladies should touch me' wala tag! But sniff, it seldom happened, and the only times it did, was when they took off their sandals for reasons that Im too distraught to share now. Sometimes mch to my anger, their boyfriends also touched me. The limit man, especially when yo have a tag on you that says "only women touching allowed". But no, these illiterate men would touch, actually pound me ... for lukn cuter than them, in front of their gals ;) Lol!

Nishi said...

I am struggling to remember all those days in Noida when you took Gullu (that's his name - Not Hector or blech Hecky!) out for a walk. And all those women who crowded around you two clowns. I guess that was when I was hanging out with my friends 'Priya' and 'Devesh', and running from snakes.

But yes nothing in this world is better than hanging out with Gullu.


neeraj said...

@Behena-ne-bhai-ki-kalai-me-hathoda-maara-hai (a.k.a Nishi),

Lol,abey shaant gadadhaari Bheem! And yaad kar vo saare din, when gullu singh and I wud step out of the house, supposedly so that he cud share what his bowels released with the rest of the world; but then master and mutt, would run, with the wind in their hair and the world at their feet. Gullu's long ears would sail, and my handsome face would light up every person who passed us , lol! And then you will stop scratching your head beta! :P

Nishi said...

Ya the days Gullu dreaded more than trips to the vet. Reliable sources tell me he is planning to consult a psychiatrist after your two-week stay in PGT. Can you please not try to choke-slam or pile-drive him?

I'll say this to you once - Step away from the mutt, mister.

angel from heaven said...

awww sounds like acute dog.I loved your rantings!!!

neeraj said...

@Nishooom dhishooom,

Please stop being jealous that you arent here with us and a part of our delightful games. Why should we not play wwf? Just coz he likes it more than your 'Kitchen Kitchen'??? @#%$%$#%$%$% Forsooth! Fyi, after an intense wwf round today , me and Bow Bow Singh played 'Kahani Doggy Doggy ki' and 'Jis Desh Me Gullu Rehta hai" - an intense story of neo patriotism, courage, drama, love and sabotage.

'Kyunki Gullu bhi kabhi sissy tha' is more like your kind of game where characters try to dress him up and plait his hair... ;)

neeraj said...


Thank you errr Ms angel from heaven!

{in a low voice to himself} Matlab modesty toh aajkal is koot koot ke present in everyone! ;)

Nischal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nischal said...


Just when I was wondering how can some one be as perfect as you are, I bumped into the comments written by yr lil sis....

//And all those women who crowded around you two clowns//

Man... enough of these females known as sisters... I dont know from where the perfect this art of "utaro the brother to place where they actually belong to...or better the rubbles..."

//Can you please not try to choke-slam or pile-drive him?//

I think the following cliche doent hold any good.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals"

Confounded! said...

An awesome blog u got here :D

neeraj said...


Cheete, I completely agree with you. These behens have no other work except for saying shocking lies about their sweetheart elder brothers! Someone should sue all these lil sisters and tell them that they have to atone for all their sins and do pooja (aila! Yeh kaun?) for their brothers, aarti (o ho, yeh bhi!) utaaro, a little bit of archana (hmm hmmm) ;)

neeraj said...


Thanks! Nice name you have there for a blog, lol , though I dont wasnt granted access to see the posts. ;)

Gautam said...

Hey buddy, I read your old posts also and once i started reading i could not stop myself to read the rest...I must say that you have got such an amazing sense of humor, it's different..hats off to you man.

neeraj said...

Thanks a ton Gautam, Ill ask Saint Peter to let you into the gates of Heaven when the time comes ;)

Seeker said...

Hello man .. Have you noticed .. DOg ..when mispelt .. becomes God .. or is it vice versa . I guess both have sincere love ..sense of humour ..Only the later would nt fetch ..

Sudarshan Bengani said...

Firstly, I like the way you write... good humour sprinkled with some 'immortal' lines...

However, lately, the quality's been going downstream and the content tends to be tooo long... ... just a honest feedback... ...seems you spend more time on nowadays... :-P

Anyway, keep going...


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Dishit D said...

hey Nero - missing your experiments big time - anyways there is something for you -

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Aarthi said...

I guess, subscribe option in your blog is not working.
I tried to subscribe with no luck.

BTB, your blogs are sooo nice. Keep writing.

spirit.alive91 said...

hey to your blog..n must say d post was really cute n humorous... Hector's absolutely adorable and his antics are worth noticing.. I'm in love with Hector & his pic reminds me of a pup my neighbor owned...Well now I get the reason for you having a good female fan following...Hector.. :D

neeraj said...


Thanku thanku, though I insist that the reason for the fan following extends beyond lil Hecky, lol! Naah kidding, thanks for liking Hector fraulein, I love him very much too! :)

Grace Personified said...

chooo cuuutee :)

I used to be extremely scared of dogs since one little puppy had chased me around the block in childhood. But then one day something magical happened and I made friends with 4 little doggies.

neeraj said...


Im glad you made friends with those four fellas, in my case, I did not have a choice. People dont want to be friends with me, so I have to settle for animals ;)

cosmic_wanderer said...

Durjan Singh sounds like a friend which each one of us should have :)

I am lucky enough to have a similar friend named: Hansie(When Match fixing scandal started)/Manu(Dad's New Boss)/My Mom calling him with my name instead/Gadha/Ghoda/(And various other species) and just like Bow Bow Singh he responds to all of them

He has almost all the same characteristics as gullu singh from the wagging body to the absolute brilliant guard dog ;).

Alas I am 10,000 KMs away from him right now for the past year.
Your blog post brought back a lot of very pleasant memories. Thanks Neeraj. :)

P.S.: I was directed to your blog by a friend of mine who is in MICA right now. I have to remember to thank her for this.
Excellent writing mate. Cheers :)

neeraj said...

Hey Cosmic Wanderer,

Thanks a lot for your comment, dude! Even I have been away from my fellow for the past eight years for extended periods .. gonna see him soon!

Thanks for dropping by on this blog, and yeah thank your friend too, I am trying to rack my head as to who this person is.