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Let’s see, why would we talk. Hmm.

  • To plan a holiday for you.  Or you'd like me to lead a group tour for you

  • You want to discuss writing opportunities - travel events, freelance writing, handling social media , communities for your brand etc

  • You want to come for one of the Heritage Walks I conduct in Delhi

  • You believe that you know more about Andaz Apna Apna than me. Aila! And plan ke mutabik, you want to have an official one-on-one battle

  • You are intrigued by why people travel solo. You do not believe it is for you. But you are open to listening to someone who felt exactly like you do now, but changed his mind after going on one

  • You are obscenely rich, and want to sponsor a young adventurer looking to travel to foreign lands. My parents say they will finance my trip to Antarctica. But only if I promise to remain there

  • You are seduced. Heh, come on, we know you are, accept it. The rest had been put up just to make you not look silly

  • You would like to catch up for coffee and conversation. Or Scrabble, or Taboo.

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