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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Funniest Questions People ask before Joining a Trip! - This Guy's On His Own Trip

It's been close to four years of leading trips now! Can't believe the last time I posted on this blog was in November 2015. That's how busy I have gotten with the trips, I guess. 

There are a lot of questions people ask before joining in for a trip. Especially people who have just heard of the trips and don't know me personally. The questions fall under the category of logical, factual, obvious and sometimes downright funny. Sharing some of the questions that left me dazed for a moment, and the succeeding thoughts in my head that I keep to myself . 

All in good humour people, so if any of you did ask me that, know I adore you. 

1. "In this 7 day trip to Bhutan, would we have to carry our own water?" 
(my head to itself) Umm yes, there is absolutely no water in Bhutan and we are all going to carry individual water tankers to last us for 7 days!

2. "While crossing the border to Bhutan, will tribals kidnap us?"

Err yeah, they are all hiding on a tree. 20 tribals on one coconut tree. The moment our car reaches, they will tie each one of ours' hands and legs on a stick, take us to the middle of the jungle and roast us like seekh kebabs on a slow fire.

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"Will all the other girls wear bikinis? 
"Only then I shall wear one." 

Bilkul. Every time a girl signs up, I ask her if she will wear a bikini on the trip. That is exactly how a trip leader should make women feel comfortable around him. Maadhuri.

4. "Can you introduce me to the king of Bhutan when we are there?"

Yes. The moment I announce my Bhutan dates, he marks his calendar, and comes rushing to Bagdogra airport in his best clothes. What else work could the king of a country have ;)

Heh, we are all on our own trips, I guess.

p.s All in good fun, folks! But to answer the questions if anyone is still in doubt, no please do not get water, you will get that in Bhutan, in Timbuctoo, in every country. 

No tribals will kidnap you anywhere. Not even if you wear a bikini made of leaves that they use to make their clothes. 

Heh, feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable wearing on the trips. Enough and most girls who come on the trips wear swimwear when we enter pools, or beaches and that could be bikinis or swimming costumes. Just dont enter in a salwar or shakti kapoor shorts with long naadas. 

And no, charming as I might be ;), and despite visiting Bhutan a dozen times, I can't help get anyone an audience with the king. Leave the man alone, he is already taking care of an entire country and proudly so!